“Many rappers today want to tell you about their wealth — the designer clothes, the luxury cars, the endless fountains of champagne. Not Khemist. This Philadelphia-based rapper and poet just released a new single called “I Been On a Budget” that exposes the difficult life of the starving artist. The song’s composition calls back to jazz rap of the early 1990s as defined by groups such as A Tribe Called Questand Digable Planets. A combination of bass, drums, and horns underscore Khemist’s verses and emphasizes that, while a musician’s struggle to make ends meet is not new, it still matters.” – Izzy Lopez | WXPN


I Been On a Budget (Single)

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“Rapper, songwriter, poet and musician, Khemist is a Philadelphia-bred, bona fide musical savant. Hailing from the city’s Logan Valley neighborhood, Khemist is a rare talent endowed with the hawkish ability to represent the streets and to transform the Dickensian conditions of his formative years into inspirational and aspirational music. His extensive catalog is punctuated by his incisive lyrical delivery and an uncanny knack for detailing a bittersweet life amidst the blighted haunts of a hardscrabble, post-industrial city.”

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